Data report prompts rethink on asset management

The use of data to drive enhanced performance is a key theme in a new report, Data Analytics in the Property Sector, which looks at how data is transforming the way property is created, built and maintained around the world.

The report, released by Property NSW, highlights a number of case studies on how the property industry is using data to better understand customers, tenants and users in order to deliver improved planning, design, building and maintenance solutions.

The report encourages a broader rethink on ways the NSW Government can better leverage data, citing research which shows that 80 per cent of NSW residents surveyed support the Government using its existing data to better inform decision making on new services and better infrastructure.

CEO of Property NSW, Brett Newman, said the report will encourage government agencies to think about how they can use data to drive improved performance. 

“The Government owns more than 270,000 properties across the State, but ownership is fragmented and data often sits in siloes across agencies,” Mr Newman said.

“By improving the way we collect, distil and present our property data, we can ultimately deliver greater transparency and better outcomes across the portfolio.”

Mr Newman said Property NSW is collaborating with the NSW Data Analytics Centre on options to bring cutting edge changes to the way the NSW Government manages its $134 billion property portfolio.

Dr Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre, said: “The report provides insights on the way governments can use data to better manage their assets which is particularly relevant in NSW given the Government’s significant and diverse property portfolio.”

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