Dominic Perrottet MP
Minister for Finance and Services

Customer Focus Drives Digital Shift

NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet today launched Digital Plus, the NSW Government’s plan to become the leader in digital government, along with revealing a new mobile app.

Mr Perrottet said customer services were at the heart of Digital Plus, the 2014-15 update of the NSW Government ICT Strategy.

"For too long, government technology has been focused inwards," said Mr Perrottet. "Digital means we look outwards, to how we work with customers, with industry and within government.

"Our plan is to embrace technologies and processes that offer our citizens a seamless experience when dealing with government."

Mr Perrottet said Service NSW had redefined the standard of customer service in the public sector and its customer-centric approached needed to be rolled out across government.

"Our citizens expect and deserve the best in face-to-face and online service delivery. Service NSW is a great example of government listening, responding and delivering services in a way that customers want," he said.

"After serving over 6 million customers across three channels of service centres, online and telephones, our satisfaction rate is now 98 per cent positive - and the private sector is coming to us to learn how we’re doing it."

Suzanne Campbell, CEO of the Australian Information Industry (AIIA), welcomed the strategy update.

"Digital Plus continues to demonstrate the strong leadership position the NSW Government is taking in using digital technology to transform how it does its business and engages with NSW citizens," she said.

"This is a priority of governments around the world who recognise the role of digital in supporting better economic and social outcomes for their citizens. AIIA congratulates the NSW Government on continuing to drive this important agenda".

Mr Perrottet said that a popular free government mobile app will soon be expanded to offer a greater range of services while on the go.

"The Service NSW app builds on the existing NSW Rego iPhone app," he said.

"It will allow customers to renew their vehicle registration, check registration status, set reminders and locate key government facilities. This is about putting government in the palm of your hand.

"We are going to continue adding services to the app over time to make it even easier for citizens to transact with government."

The new Service NSW app is due to be released for the iPhone in November, followed by an Android version later in the year.

The launch of the NSW Government ICT Strategy in 2012 has led to transformations to ICT sourcing, investment and procurement. As part of the sector-wide reform NSW has delivered programs for cloud sourcing, open government, open data and information management.

Mr Perrottet said Digital Plus incorporated new policy actions, including the development of frameworks for enterprise architecture, telecommunications and a new roadmap for accelerating to a fully digital government.

"Following recommendations from the ICT Board, I have asked my department, Finance and Services, to explore options for improved data sharing arrangements between government agencies," he said.

"There are terabytes of information collected by agencies and at the moment much of the data sits idle within the parent agency.

"By encouraging greater information sharing within government we are enabling agencies to create linkages between datasets, and to reimagine and reuse data to deliver new and improved services and better informed policy directions.

"A new 'decade of data' is upon us and consistent data sharing arrangements will have major benefits across all areas of government, particularly for agencies delivering frontline services, such as health, education and transport."

In 2013-14 over 40 actions were delivered under the ICT Strategy, with another 45 actions to be delivered over 2014-15.

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