Dominic Perrottet MP
Minister for Finance, Services & Property

Beat the Queue with Real Time Waiting Data

Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet today announced that customers can now view the current waiting time at each Service NSW centre in real time, making it possible to plan visits when convenient for them.

Officially opening the CeBIT conference in Sydney this morning, Mr Perrottet said the move was another step in placing customers at the centre of government technology.

"Customers can now beat the queues by seeing how long they’ll have to wait before deciding whether to visit a service centre," he said. "That helps customers make informed decisions about which centres to visit and how to avoid peak periods such as lunch times and the lead up to holiday periods."

"The Service NSW one-stop-shop concept already offers low wait times, but there’s room for yet another layer of convenience to help customers save time," Mr Perrottet said.

"It’s a step towards our vision of accessing smart services when you want them, how you want them and where you want them."

The information can be accessed through the Service NSW mobile app and through the Service NSW website at Android users can download the updated app as of today while Apple product users will be able to download the updated app in the coming weeks.

The data will be updated every few minutes and show current waiting times at more than 30 Service NSW service centres already operating across the state. The service centres ensure better customer service, shorter waiting times and a reduction in service and facility duplication.

Customers can also utilise the mobile app to complete regular government transactions such as registration renewals in lieu of visiting a service centre, or online at

Customers can access the 24/7 phone service on 13 77 88, or call in advance to make a service centre appointment.

Since launching in 2013 Service NSW has assisted more than 14 million customers, with customer satisfaction running at 98 per cent.

Service NSW offers customers access to more than 800 government transactions including driver licences, vehicle registrations, Seniors Card applications, owner builder permits, housing payments and more.

For more information about Service NSW visit

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