DFSI Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2016-2019 outlines how we will realise our vision of delivering and enabling world-class public sector services across government for the people of NSW in the next three years.

It responds to a number of challenges and opportunities facing our organisation, and is structured around five organisational outcomes:

  • Services
  • Innovation
  • Regulation
  • Finances
  • People

The Strategic Plan will drive cluster-wide divisional and agency planning activities, and includes an annual Delivery Plan.

The Strategic Plan 2016-19 contains our Ministerial priorities and aligns to NSW: Making it Happen - the state’s whole-of-government strategic plan.

DFSI has a key role in delivering on NSW: Making it Happen, including driving the following priorities:

  • Make NSW the easiest state to start and stay in business
  • Improve customer satisfaction with Government services, every year
  • 70% of Government transactions conducted via digital channels by 2019

Download and view our Strategic Plan