About OneGov

What We Do

OneGov is a whole-of-government business and software-as-a-service solutions provider.

We provide:

  • Simple, secure and innovative software-as-a-service solutions including:
    • Digital Solutions
    • Open Data Solutions
    • Compliance and Regulation solutions
    • E-Commerce solutions
    • Business Intelligence
    • Service Centre, Contact Centre, Help Desk and Back Office software solutions
    • Other Solutions (Asset Management, Course Management, Qualification Management etc)
  • Process re-engineering, project management and change management
  • Ongoing maintenance, support and innovation

Our approach

We use an agile approach to provide low risk delivery of high value public outcomes across government. Our solutions range from delivering large whole-of-government projects to the delivery of smaller projects focused on protecting vulnerable groups.

Further information

For further information email the OneGov Program Office