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ServiceFirst Growth

In July 2010, the NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet released the Blueprint for Corporate and Shared Services in the NSW Government. In line with the recommendations, ServiceFirst is transforming its operations as part of the whole-of-government corporate and shared services Reform Program to deliver:

  • a more streamlined and standardised corporate and shared services framework
  • more efficient services at a lower cost and renewed focus on customer service

ServiceFirst Reform Program

ServiceFirst is expanding its capability to better support the needs of client departments. Activities include building a new operating model - getting the business structure right and standardising processes to improve efficiency and optimise service delivery – and implementing new technologies and infrastructure.

Migrating agency business support services to ServiceFirst

New client departments and their related entities will transfer business support services to ServiceFirst over the next five years. The departments involved will be actively engaged in all stages of planning the transition process.  

ServiceFirst Reform Steering Committee

The Reform Steering Committee oversees the work of the ServiceFirst Reform Program and includes representatives from the Departments of Finance & Services and Premier & Cabinet, other client departments and industry experts.