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NSW Procurement

NSW Procurement is a trusted advisor to government providing strategic advice and facilitating the delivery of services, which ensure that clusters and agencies have the necessary resources and capability to achieve their business objectives within a devolved procurement framework.

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NSW Government Procurement Road Map

NSW Procurement is reforming the way procurement is undertaken within the NSW public sector. We are creating a team of strategic procurement professionals who will advise, guide and deliver services to a sector which is evolving to meet new challenges of service delivery. The team will be commercially aware, focusing on outcomes not process.

NSW Procurement will be instrumental in creating a new world class procurement system which delivers value for money, is aligned with business needs and supports a competitive and innovative NSW economy. The new organisation has been designed, through its structure and capabilities, to meet the demands of the procurement reform agenda.

Central to the NSW Government’s reform program is the devolved procurement model; procurement is more efficient and effective if undertaken by agencies with intimate knowledge of their needs and the relevant supply chains. The devolved model relies on an agency’s capability to be independent in their procurement activities. NSW Procurement will harbour the procurement experts who will advise and facilitate the uptake of the agency procurement accreditation scheme and sector-wide improvement in procurement capability.

The Strategic Directions Statement (SDS) recognises procurement category management as industry best practice. The NSW public sector is now focusing on categories, rather than contracts, to achieve benefits such as alignment with business need and competitive pricing. Category management expertise will be at the core of NSW procurement’s service delivery across the sector.

Innovation is the by-product of proactive industry engagement throughout the procurement lifecycle. NSW Procurement is committed to engaging with industry early in order to develop procurement solutions that are outcomes, rather than processes, driven.

NSW Procurement will be empowered by the knowledge of an astute Analytics team. The evidence base will inform strategies that reduce red tape and eliminate the unnecessary costs associated with doing business with the NSW Government.


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