30 days to pay

Government reporting on this policy

NSW government agencies are required to report on their payment performance.

Annual reporting

In accordance with NSW Treasury Circular 11/21 NSW government agencies report on their payment performance in their annual reports.  Payment performance for small business suppliers will appear in 2011-12 annual reports. 

Quarterly reporting

At the moment government agencies report quarterly on payment performance to their Chief Executive Officers. From 2012 they will also submit quarterly payment performance reports to the Office of Finance and Services (OFS).  Treasury has appointed OFS to publish quarterly payment performance results for all NSW government agencies.

NSW government agencies need to complete the reporting template at the end of each quarter (e.g. January – March). Principal departments will send reports to OFS on behalf of their cluster within a month of the end of each quarter. OFS has provided each cluster with more information on the submission of payment performance reports.