30 Days to Pay

How it works

If a NSW government agency does not pay a small business within 30 days, the agency concerned must pay a penalty interest payment on the amount owed if the interest exceeds $20. The requirement to pay interest to small businesses is effective from 1 January 2012.

late payment interest calculator is available to help small businesses work out the interest amount on their unpaid invoices so they know if they are eligible for a penalty payment.

All NSW government agencies will report their payment progress and performance on a quarterly basis to the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. These reports will be published on this site from 2012 onwards.

More information

This policy is outlined in NSW Treasury Circular 11/12 Payment of Accounts.   

NSW Government has a dedicated on-line small business resource and support centre on the NSW Small Business Commissioner website  where there is more information on the 30 day payment terms initiative.